Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 10

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

Finding more Advent wonder and Christmas joy 
2 cells into 4
You are here
Emmanuel after twelve hours as one cell,
you divided into two - and fifteen hours after that
you grow into four cells.
We still do not recognize you,
You are no bigger than the tip of a pin point.
But that doesn’t keep the angels from singing
in praise of your humility.


Day Ten:

How soon after you were conceived did the angels begin worshipping you?
Did their songs of praise wake your mother from her sleep?
If so, did she think she was dreaming?
How long did it take before she realized she could call the angels
whenever she wanted to join her in praising you?

Today give 5 minutes to imagine the glorious songs of praise
that surely began as soon as Jesus began to grow within his mother’s womb.
Jesus, I praise you for your humility.

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