Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 11

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

Finding more Advent wonder and Christmas joy 
New World
My eyes are on you, Lord.
Already as you divide into eight cells,
each one begins to take on different qualities.
These will grow to form your brain, heart, lungs,
and other vital organs.


Day Eleven:

I enjoy picturing you in this stage as if you were floating in space.
But you’re not. You hold the universe, then make yourself this tiny spec.
You choose to let a human become your whole universe.

I have not yet followed you here, Lord.
I try to humble myself, but your mother is not my universe; you are.

You entrusted yourself to her in such a way that she became your everything.
She has never been that for me.
I do not understand the importance of following you here.
Only you have been, and are, my everything.
Does following you mean approaching her with humility like you did?
And though I do not feel a need for her, to choose to need her - like you did?
I made a promise to follow you because I believe you are the way, the truth and the life.

So, since I can learn about you almost anywhere,
and only if this helps me learn more about you, Lord,
I will try to entrust myself to her like you did -
not for my salvation; but for my formation.

Today, for 5 minutes, I will watch you grow from one cell to many as each begins to form distinctly into the vital organs you will need to survive. By your grace I will become more aware that all of this is taking place within your mother.
Jesus, this Advent renew me as a member of your mystical body on earth.

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