Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 22

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

More Advent wonder and Christmas joy 
Joseph’s Dream
The Dream
An angel speaks to Joseph in a dream.
His whole life changes forever as he accepts
this unforeseen role as earthly provider and protector
of the son of God and Mary.

Day  22:

Mary returns after three months with her cousin - and is obviously pregnant.
The conflict in Joseph is so intense it threatens to drive him mad.
The scriptures do not say Mary spoke up in her own defense.
In fact, they imply the opposite.

So the first hardship Mary endures as mother of the Savior
is remaining silent and trusting God will reveal to Joseph
the miraculous nature of her pregnancy
in his own time and way.

And he does.

Imagine the tremendous relief for both as they begin to
worship the unborn King for the first time together.

Today’s 5 minutes:
Minute 1: Turn your thoughts to God.
Minute 2: Think of any distress you may have right now.
Minute 3: Give it shape and color then set it between you and God.
Minutes 4 and 5: Look through your distress toward God
and whisper, speak, or sing whatever words of praise come to you.

Praising God through any distress immediately lessens that distress.
Praising God eventually conquers any obstacle that is not of God.

Almighty God I praise and adore you.