Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 26

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

More Advent wonder and Christmas joy 
The Quickening
The Quickening

Your mother first felt you move at around 16-25 weeks.
It reassured her that you were there, healthy and growing.
Aren’t we reassured each time we sense your movement in our souls
calling us to follow you more closely?

Day  26:

Jesus help me offer these few moments trying to recall the times
you have used someone or some circumstance to get my attention.
How many times did you try to let me know you were there
before finally I took notice and responded to you? I wonder.
Thank you for not giving up on me.
Thank you for wanting me to know how much I matter to you.

Jesus, thank you for coming in human flesh to live, die and rise for love of me.