Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 4

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

Finding more Advent wonder and Christmas joy 
Encountering Mary
Following Jesus to Bethlehem
means an encounter with his mother.
My 16 year old self asks, “But why mention Mary?
shouldn't all our focus be on Jesus?”
My 60 year old self answers: “Focus on what Jesus does - and imitate him.”

Day Four:

It took me 10 years to see Philippians 2:6-11 as a scriptural basis for Marian Consecration; something I had wrestled with for years. So if you are wrestling with this now, relax, keep your eyes on Jesus - and follow. Imagine with me what Jesus might say: 

Does it help you to know I was present as she was knit together in her mother’s womb? Does it calm your fears to think of how I smiled to watch her grow? If you would follow me, approach her with humility - like me. If you would imitate me, entrust yourself to her completely, like I did. If my body was formed in her womb, is it so difficult to imagine I am pleased to allow my mystical body to be formed in her heart?

Today give 5 minutes to ponder following Jesus.
He sets aside his majesty; you set aside your__________?
He empties himself of his power and strength; you empty yourself of__________?
He humbles himself to encounter Mary, will you?

Lord, help me keep my eyes on you and follow your example here.

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