Pilgrimage of the Heart

Be Adventurous!
September 20, 2016
Pilgrimage of the Heart

Try something new! Carve out some time! Power off all your digital devices for an hour! (AFTER the LIVE broadcast, of course!) Step outside and take a few deep breaths. Make a plan to reconnect with your spouse, your family, a friend, a relative! Decide to forgive an enemy and DO something about it by speaking their name aloud in prayer - every day for 30 days. Do NOT allow yourself to be dragged along with the current of popular opinion and gossip! Be brave! Open your heart to God. 

For about 15 minutes every day or so (as internet connection allows) I have beguin to revisit my time the Camino of Santiago. These times together are training wheels for prayer. First your own prayer time - then hopefully for couples and families. Simple. Easy. Uncluttered. Understandable. Using a song, story, dream, memory, and samples of prayer meant to show how doable it is to foster a prayer life. 

Tonight 8PM Eastern Standard Time - (If you miss the LIVE broadcast, you can replay it when it works for you) Join us! Be living evidence of a growing hope in your household. Remember - evcen if you're the only one in your family who prays - you do not pray alone. See you soon!




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