What started this whole outreach.

January 10, 2017
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What started this whole outreach.

A few months ago I encountered a pharmacist near full term with her first baby and I was overwhelmed wanting to congratulate and affirm her. Nothing I said felt like enough to me... Surprising since I didn't even know her name. Within 10 minutes of leaving the pharmacy, the idea came for an MP3 player with lullabies and other songs to comfort and encourage moms. When our first shipment of 1,000 MP3 players arrived, I drove back to the same pharmacy. At the drive through window I asked for that same pharmamcist (who had since given birth) and gave her a "Peace and Comfort" bag conaining headphones, charging cable and MP3 Player pre-loaded with 2+ hours of music (43 songs) to comfort moms. I told her, "You and your baby inspired this. You both have already begun to change the world. Orders are coming in from Washington D.C. Texas, St Louis.

She cried saying, "You have no idea what this means to me." I said, you have no idea how just you being pregnant will continue to change the world.

I got teary eyed, too. Funny I still don't know her name.


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