3 Ways to help give the internet a soul and comfort a mother in crisis.

Thank you in advance!


2 - On Your Smart Phone

On your smart phone, text the word 


to this special prayerbreaks giving number:

(405) 213-1444

A special secure link is texted back. Follow that link to set up a one-time or recurring gift.





3 - By Mail

If you prefer to send a donation by mail, write check or money order to Holy Family and mail to:
Holy Family Apostolate Corporation (or H.F.A.C.) 
PO BOX 30414
Edmond, OK 73003
If you wish your check to be set up as a monthly gift, write the word VOID across front of check and 'monthly' in the memo area. Check amount and date will be set up as monthly until you choose to cancel. Be sure and include your email address on back of check!

Donate by Text

By Phone