3 Ways to help give the internet a soul...


1) Spread the word! In person, by phone, or with social media

Since all digital screens will eventually dim, you're invited to pray and leave a light on within. 
November 30, 2017 this section will link to our new online effort called "Leave A Light On"
to help inspire, encourage and remind as many souls as we can reach to practice leaving a light on.
For the sake of a marriage, a family, a nation and world in desparate need of the peace only God can give.




2 - Online

Some of you may be inspired to help this effort with a financial gift.
Click the link above or mail a gift to the address below. 
While we appreciate all gifts, it is the recurring gift that sustains us
so we can explore new ways to invite more souls to pray.




3 - By Mail

If you prefer sending a gift by mail, write check or money order to Holy Family and mail to:
Holy Family Apostolate Corporation (or H.F.A.C.) 
PO BOX 30414
Edmond, OK 73003
If you wish your check to be set up as a monthly gift, write the word VOID across front of check and 'monthly' in the memo area. Check amount and date will be set up as monthly until you choose to cancel. Be sure and include your email address on back of check!