Hello Lord Digital CD Download

A prayer journal put to music and recorded live to 2-track.  We no longer have the master so this recording cannot be re-mixed or updated unless I completely re-record - not likely. The song 'Hello Lord' was written late one night while house-sitting for a friend who had a piano. House was dark save a street light through a nearby window. Tears flowed as for the first time I allowed faith to be freely expressed in a song.

Best parts of the song 'Spirit of Jesus' were inspired by (stolen from?) George Winston's "Thanksgiving" - Buy his heavenly composition - you'll find it on his 'December' CD. And "Holy Messiah" was written after a dream.

I really thought I had written this song till my friend Paul complimented me on my version of Pachelbel's Canon, to which I quickly agreed as if I knew I had used his classic melody! Is anything I create actually original? God knows.