Tumbleweed Lullaby CD Download

Here Comes the Moon by Andy Joslin who let me to add a few words. Thank you Andy! Lyrics to Tumbleweed were written by one of my 6 sisters who wants to remain anonymous. All I did on this song was melody. Thanks sis! One dad says he weeps when he hears Borealis. And Questions is how kids manage to stay up way past bedtime.

Stay With Me - former Marine Alex M. said this song brought him peace during combat while stationed in Afghanistan. Flying to Seguin is about my great grandmother's farm in Texas.  Christopher West loves A New Heart Beating for how it highlights the truths behind Theology of the Body. O St Michael is sung each year by school children at St Michael School in Olympia, WA - and they sing it better than me! In the Snowflake Lullaby a snowflake tells the story of how it came to fall outside a child's bedroom window.

NOTE: Snowflake Lullaby is replacing Shanty Town in this collection.