All of Michael John Poirier's music is now free to download and share.
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Giving it Away...

The music at this website is now free to download, copy, and give away. We hope all current monthly sponsors redirect future monthly gifts toward our new Comfort a Mother MP3 Player outreach.
Thank you for helping bring us to this new place.

Mary's Testimony


Hello all! This temporary section is to provide details for those who want to help with a big or small financial  gift to assist our relocation to Arizona -  (Next Monday!)

Estimated cost for Uhaul, fuel, and food is $2,700. We thank those of you who have already helped toward that amount. We have $1,900 left to raise -  pretty amazing!

If you want to chip in click here and be sure to say, For Moving Costs.

Thank you in advance!  $1,900 more to raise. 

Announcing our NEWEST Outreach!

Gift of Consolation