It Is Time To Enter The Ark

Family PicJanuary 2021
Follow Jesus into the 'Ark not made by human hands' - the Immaculate Heart of his mother Mary. We know the idea sounds strange, but as we follow Jesus by intentionally entrusting ourselves to Mary, prayer becomes easier. It is also easier to hear inspirations of the Holy Spirit. We find more of God's peace, hope and wisdom.

Prayer is what can heal the polarization occurring in our families, nation and Church. Instigated by the 'father of lies', the devil, this unholy division continues to be aggravated by mainstream news and social media.

Steps toward healing:
1) Lessen intake of news - especially when it fosters hate.
2) Stop insulting or accusing - it is the language of demons.
4) Start blessing and encouraging - it is the language of heaven.
5) Ponder the life of Jesus.

We gather every evening on ZOOM 6:30PM (Arizona Time) to ponder 5 moments in the life of Jesus using a prayer method called the Rosary. 

Click to join our 6:30PM (Arizona Time) nightly rosary Password: Pray

 ~ Michael John and Mary Poirier

Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for us!

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Saving Liberty 2020

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