It Is Time To Enter The Ark

Family PicJuly 2021

July is the month most Christians honor the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Blood of Christ, sanctify us. Blood of Christ, heal us. Blood of Christ unite us in heart, mind, spirit, and truth.

We follow Jesus into the 'Ark not made by human hands' -
Like Jesus, we entrust ourselves to be formed in Mary.
He in her womb; we in her Immaculate heart.

Pray with the heart to have peace in the heart. God is able to heal every division the enemy causes in each mind, heart, marriage, family, and nation as well as in the Church. 

Practical steps toward healing:
1) Stop watching network news.
2) Stop insulting, accusing or hating.
4) Bless, encourage, inspire and love.
5) Ponder and savor the stories, words and life of Jesus Christ.

Join us nightly 6PM (Pacific Time) on ZOOM as we ponder 5 different moments in the life of Jesus, using the Rosary. Drop in to pray or observe. Guests cameras and mics are pre-set 'off' so we can all focus on the 30 min rosary video we share. Mary and I lead the prayer. Prayer requests are typed in chat area are seen and relayed only by us. Rosary concludes about 6:30. Some stay longer for music and reflection by the fire in a virtual living room. 

Click here to join at 6PM (Pacific Time) nightly rosary or at 6:30 for songs and stories
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 ~ Michael John and Mary Poirier

Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for us!

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