It Is Time To Enter The Ark

Family PicNovember 2021

It is time to follow Jesus into the 'Ark not made by human hands' -
Like Jesus, let's entrust ourselves to be formed in Mary.
He in her womb; we in her Immaculate heart.

In the month of November we are asked to pray for those who have gone before us. It is considered a spiritual work of mercy. We who still live in time have a chance to ask God's mercy on those who may still be "washing their robes in the blood of the Lamb" and preparing to enter the wedding banquet. It seems like holy team work to think that they are at the same time praying for us.

And certainly need it. We need to continually decide to reduce stress to make room for the peace of God increase in us - and remain in us.

Practical steps :
1) Stop watching network news. The conversion of your heart IS the news.
2) Stop insulting and accusing as it is the language of hell.
4) Bless and encourage more as it is the language of heaven.
5) Ponder the stories, words, and life of Jesus Christ.

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 ~ Michael John and Mary Poirier

Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for us!

Enjoy a few minutes of silence

Be Silent to Listen

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