It Is Time To Enter The Ark

Family PicFebruary 2021
Lent begins this month. A great time to follow Jesus into the 'Ark not made by human hands' - the Immaculate Heart of his mother Mary.
If we entrust ourselves to Mary, like Jesus did, our formation quickens,
prayer can become more fulfilling. Inspiration from the Holy Spirit can be 'heard' more clearly. We can find more of God's peace.

Those coming from a place of prayer will prove most effective in helping heal the polarization occurring in our families, nation and Church. Instigated by the 'father of lies', the devil, unholy division continues to be aggravated by mainstream news and social media.

Steps for healing:
1) Turn off network news - especially when it fosters hate.
2) Stop insulting or accusing; it is the language of demons.
4) Start blessing and encouraging; it is the language of heaven.
5) Ponder the life of Jesus.

7PM (Arizona Time) every evening on ZOOM we ponder 5 moments in the life of Jesus, using a prayer method called the Rosary. Drop in anytime to pray or just observe. You won't be seen or heard as all cameras and mics are off and cannot be turned on - but you will be able to see our rosary video and hear our voices. Prayer requests are added with the chat feature but only come to my screen and I share them. The Rosary concludes around 7:30 and some stay for songs by a virtual fireplace with the ocean outside. 

Click here to join at 7PM (Arizona Time) nightly rosary or at 7:30 for songs and stories
Password: Pray

 ~ Michael John and Mary Poirier

Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for us!

Lenten Song Sheet Music


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