25 Years Ago

After exchanging vows in 1994 we consecrated our marriage to be formed under the care of Our Lady of Guadalupe and dedicated ourselves to helping build up and encourage families in the Church. After almost twenty-five years we are still serving the Church through a non-profit corporation called Holy Family Apostolate - presenting missions, concerts, and Holy Hour of Eucharistic adoration at parishes, military bases, classrooms, hospitals, and in homes. 

We highlight the power of the sacraments and how God still calls, renews, and equips his people to change the world - especially by the way we love and live the faith we claim to hold. All stories, songs, testimonies, and reflections are kept 'under the veil' of the teaching magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

I'm 58 years old and still recall my father's piano playing when I went to bed at night. I savored his melodies as they drifted through the walls into my room. Sometimes think I get the copyright for his melodies that were planted in my heart. He was certainly 'praying' the keys; something I try to imitate on guitar.

Mary studied business at Arizona State University and later helped set up and direct the first Catechesis of the Good Shepherd preschool at a parish in Scottsdale.

I lived and studied with the Western Province Dominicans at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. After two plus years in simple vows as a cooperator brother, I discerned religious life was not my calling. 30 days later, while offering a concert in Arizona, I met Mary Cook and we were engaged not long after. 

For the last 23 years our family has served Catholic communities across the country and in Europe.
I really hope to write a book called: "The Tale of Two Parishes" with stories from what we have observed regarding how a parish is primarily doing one of two things; building a kingdom - or building the kingdom.

August 14, 2017, I was asked by a priest friend if I would consider leading music at the parish where he is in residence in Phoenix. Mary and I both felt open so as of August 2017, I officially became the Music and Family Life Coordinator at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Phoenix.

My wife, Mary, and I are still 'tending' the fire God ignited in each of us to serve, encourage, and build up the body of Christ. While most of our time will be focused on members of this faith community, we still plan on offering retreats, days of reflection, and Holy Hours with a focus on HOME EVENTS. Our work for the larger church community continues.

We are most grateful for those of you who have walked with us; some of you for over 20 years now! We are excited to share our 'new approach' in how our apostolate may be poised to reach and help many more souls - stay tuned for more updates!


Michael and Mary Poirier
August 2018


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