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Matthew's Story

Roses in December

The song inspired by Matthew Prevost is available here as a free download. The lyrics (scroll down) will make more sense with this brief explanation. Matthew passed away 25 years ago this December 7th. At one point he had asked his parents to plant a rose bush and set a statue of the Blessed Virgin mary next to it outside his bedroom window so he could see both from his room.

Roses bloom on that rose bush every December since Matthew's death.

As time goes on, we plan share more about Matthew here as well as other stories of ways that mothers and fathers have found peace after the loss of their child.


From Matthew's Mom and Dad

MATTHEW - GIFT OF GOD - The story of Matthew’s birth

Matthew PrevostsmallerIt was a cold winter morning.  An NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurse was called down to Labor and Delivery for an infant demise.  A young woman on cocaine was giving birth to a 24-week infant.  The nurse stood by quietly waiting for the woman’s body to complete its work.  This was one of the duties she detested the most—an infant death.  The infant quietly entered the world.  When the nurse saw his loving brown eyes look up at her she quickly resuscitated him and called for help.  That morning God gave us a Gift of Life—his name was Matthew and he would become our beloved son.  He weighed 1 pound 9 ounces and was a mere 12 inches long.

We did not spend those first 15 months with Matthew.  He spent his first four and one-half months in the NICU struggling for life.  Each day was a miracle.  Doctors were cautious.  If he could survive his first winter—maybe he would make it.  He future was a question mark.  His nurses and doctors became his family.  His fighting spirit and smile were contagious and soon he had both doctors and nurses cheering him on.  During those first 4 months he was on 21 different medications, he had a collapsed lung, meconium peritonitis, pneumonia, hypertension, bronchopulmonary dysplasia and a fractured femur from rickets.  He received many blood transfusions.  Through all this Matthew touched lives.  Anyone who came in contact with this little baby boy was changed.  It was hard to be down when you were with Matthew.  His small body fought for life each day.  His wonderful spirit spread joy to all who cared for him.  He had crossed his first hurdle and was soon discharged to a foster home until an adoptive home was found.  One year later he would be home with us in his forever home.  Our answer to prayer.  Our gift of life—our son, Matthew Ronald Prevost.

Roses in December Lyrics

Roses in December send a message loud and clear:
You're still here with us, you're still here with us
And we're so thankful for the wonder
of your presence in our lives
You're still blessing us, you're still blessing us...          

All the memories of countless things
you whispered to our souls
Between lullabies and words so wise,
we've struggled to let go
So, pray us all to heaven's door
Where we can see you smile once more. 

And are the roses in December
meant to pacify our hearts
Till we embrace again, till we embrace again?
What a privilege to think
we were entrusted with your care
Beautiful child of God, beautiful child of God
We cannot help but think about
what you might look like today
So until we hear your voice again,
we imagine what you'd say:                            

Thank you for the way
you carried me so lovingly
to that glorious day
When my every fear
just disappeared        
the roses are to thank you
on your pilgrimage to meet me here

And when you're drifting off to sleep at night
or nearly awake at the dawn - 
Don't be surprised if you hear me
answering back you...                       

I love you and remember when
you used to hold me in my sadness?
Well, I'm holding you right now.
And "Thank you" is what I tell the King of Kings
For letting me be your son, your little child
even for just a little while
And there's one last thing I get to say
I asked him and - he said 'ok'

All the roses in December
sent to help you dry your tears
Until you're here with me, until you're here with me
When your immortal soul
reaches heavens golden shore
You'll see with your own eyes
there was something else in store

For every rose you've waited for on earth
I wait in Paradise for you - with a hundred more.

I love you. Is what I hear you say
And every single time I echo back your words with mine
I love you...  I love.... I love you...

Words and Music by Anonymous © 2016 Matthew Prevost

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