Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 1

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

A new way to foster more Advent wonder and Christmas joy 

Five Gold Coins

If you agree that time is valuable, then imagine a minute is worth a gold coin. Invest 5 of these gold coins a day. Your return will be an increase of Advent wonder and Christmas joy. A 5 minute meditation will be emailed daily beginning today until Christmas. Pass the word. Invite friends by forwarding this email. Sign up by clicking HERE.

Today's task is to secure a place to spend 5 quiet minutes a day. If there is no such place; create one. If you are unable to create one at home - how about your car? You might arrive 5 minutes early or stay 5 minutes later at the office or school. Or maybe a nearby Eucharistic Adoration chapel? No? If your church is locked, you can ask to be let in to pray.  When all else fails, visit a library or a bathroom stall. 

Day One:

Consider the eternal God about to step into time as a human.
The God of creation about to set aside all majesty,
all glory,
all power
and all splendor to begin as a single cell in the womb of a human mother.
The all powerful becoming powerless.
The all-encompassing allowing himself to become encompassed in a virgin's womb.

The humility of God is shining a light for us.
The Word of God is silently calling us.

Follow me.