Following Jesus to Bethlehem - Day 28

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Following Jesus to Bethlehem

More Advent wonder and Christmas joy 
Quiet Anticipation

Noticing the sky
the slight breeze that chills
hearing the night sounds of those
nearby households settling in for the night.


Day  28:

I’ve followed you to Bethlehem 
and run ahead of you to the manger.
Looking around I see how empty, ordinary and cold it seems.
Isn’t this exactly how we feel sometimes?

​How can a miracle happen here?
How can this place become holy?
How can such emptiness ever be filled with hope?

Then Joseph and pregnant Mary come in
and begin making themselves comfortable.
Joseph is soon asleep and Mary is praying.
Slowly a light begins to fill the manger.
It becomes so bright I cover my eyes...

Jesus, let me join the angels singing a song of praise and a song of welcome.