When he said this at dinner, everything stopped...

November 21, 2016

You never know someone's story

Great dinner. Great family. I mean the kind of family that overflows with enthusiasm for life. When I shared the motivation behind 'Comfort a Mother', the husband and wife were both very interested and supportive of the idea. I understood better why when the husband went on to say how when his single mom found out she pregnant with him, she had been advised to abort. Everything stopped in that moment - at least for me. My jaw dropped. Yes, we went on with our conversation but my thoughts circled around this amazing family and realized even more, the effect of one person feeling secure enough to say 'yes' to life.  This family just would not be. Neither would the families their own children were most likely going to start when they got older. It made me want to gather as many like minded souls as possible to join me in this mission to comfort a mother.


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