Storyteller Digital CD download

STORYTELLER - a mix of story and song.  

Seven Birds in a Cage began as a picture that popped into my mind as I lay down to sleep one night.  A lifelong childhood friend is working on artwork for this so hopefully, it can be published as a book soon.

Miracle Blossom was written late one night at a gas station in Northern California. The song was written a year or so later at Mckenzie Bridge, OR. This is a soon-to-be-published children's book that is also for grownups. A coloring book version should be available first - members will be given samples to download.

The Blessing Stone is about a son coming to terms with a mean dad. It's not a 'spoiler' to say the mean old dad goes blind - I only say this to explain why, when giving a recording of this story to my own dad, I assured him I wrote the story before he lost his own eyesight! My father never cursed or belittled me - I dedicate this to all the men with a father who did.  Artwork for this in book-form is nearing completion as well.

I thought Four Kids in the House was just for children until I told it to a group of grownups in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Mama's Love and The Pieta are two of my personal favorites.