First Defenders

First Defenders is a prayer initiative to help a man begin or renew his God-given task of protecting his family.
It encourages a husband and father to quietly begin or faithfully continue leading his family spiritually.
Men in this association are encouraged to follow Saint Joseph's example of humility--speak little, love much.

What are some benefits?

1. Develop the habit praying a hedge of protection around your family.
2. Explore your calling as spiritual head of the family and avoid common pitfalls.
3. You do not pray alone. Other men in this association will be praying for you and your family, too.

How do I begin?

Subscribe below and be counted with other men around the US. Commit to three minutes to offer three prayers a day for the next thirty days at a time and location of your choosing. That’s it.

No meetings. No conferences. No time away from family. 

It's just praying three minutes a day for the safety of your family.

You’ve got this. Download the PDF below and print it out or keep it on your phone or laptop. Take three minutes a day to pray this in your car, the cab of your truck, on a break at work, in your prayer space or man cave at home. 

Lastly, think of another man and invite him to join this effort. Please DO NOT make an announcment about this effort from any pulpit. Please Do NOT print anything in a bulletin or on a flier. The growth of this effort is fueled by God's grace moving through one man inviting another man to consider this effort.

First Defenders Map

Will You Help Us Reach More Men?

While this outreach is free, we ask you to consider helping us invite more husbands and fathers to lead the family in faith.

Set up a $3 (or more) monthly gift here.

Want encouragement along the way? Subscribe (below) to receive encouragement and testimonies from other men like you who are committed to fulfilling their role as First Defenders of their families.


Easy way to invite other men

I've used this PDF to print business card invitations. When I give them to other men I say, This is to remain under the radar. If his wife sees and asks what I'm doing, I say, "I'm sorry, this is just for your husband, but I promise you will appreciate it later."